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Chinese Articles by David Chen (中文文摘)

Articles by Masters

A Master Passes
    A Tribute to Cheng Man-ch'ing
    By Robert W. Smith, 1979

Questions and Answers on Tao of Taichi Chuan
    By grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan
    Contributed by Dr. Arnold Lee, 2000
    Maryland Tai Chi Chuan Center.

Five Principles of Good Tai Chi Ch'uan Skills
    An interview with Mr. Benjamin Lo of San Francisco.
    By Mr. Benjamin Lo, San Francisco.

Master Koh Ah Tee on Cheng Man-ching's Teaching
    Interviewed by Nigel Sutton, Malaysia
    Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association

The Correct Understanding of Tai Chi Chuan Practice
    By Li Ya-shuan
    Collected and recorded by students Chen Lung-xiang and Li Ming-dih
    Translated by David Chen, 2002

The Taste of True Taijiquan from Yang Chen-fu
    By Chen Wei-Ming, Shanghai, 1927

The Important Principle of Tseo-Hua (Neutralizing)
    Oral transmission by Huang Sheng-Shyan
    Provided by Mr. Lin Jing-deh of Taipei
    Translated by David Chen, 1997

Yang Cheng Fu's Sword Demonstration
    By Mr. Yao Mung Goo of Taiwan, 1992
    Translated by David Chen, 2001

Professor Cheng Man-ching's words
    Extraction from "The Tao of Taijiquan", 1985
    Translated by David Chen, 1999

The Eight-method Tai Chi Drill
    As taught by Cheng Man-ching in New York.
    Transmitted by Tam Gibbs.
    Recorded by Carol McGonegal of Annapolis, Maryland.

Pushed to the Limit: One Hundred Years of Traditional Taiji Training
    A conversation with Master Dong Zeng Chen,
    By Chip Ellis and Karl Chang, 1999.

Taijiquan in Pregnancy
    By Judyth O. Weaver, 2003

A Discussion on Rooting
    Four senior practitioners sharing their experiences.
    Edited by David Chen. January 2004.

Articles by David Chen

Class Etiquette For Wuwei Tai Chi School
    By David Chen, October 2004.

Breathing---The Tai Chi way
    Edited by David Chen, 2004.

To Lean or Not to Lean?
    An overview of Cheng Man-ching and Yang style Taijiquan.
    By David Chen, 2004.

To Standardize or Not to Standardize (traditional Taijiquan)?
    By David Chen, 2004.

Embracing the Tiger
    Li Ya-xuan's commentary on Cheng Man-ching's recording.
    Translated by David Chen. October, 2002.

Words of Wisdom on Taijiquan
    By David Chen, 2003. Revised on May 2004

    --- On Taijiquan Practice, Part One

    --- On Taijiquan Practice, Part Two

    --- On Taiji Philosophy, Part One

    --- On Taiji Philosophy, Part Two

    --- On Push-hands, Part One

    --- On Push-hands, Part Two

Why is My Push-Hand Partner Always Pushing So Hard?
    By David Chen, 2003

Why Are They Wrestling?
    A look at Taiji Push-hands in the competitions.
    By David Chen, May 2003.

My Hands-on Experiences
    On "Empty Force"--Distanced discharging.
    By David Chen, 2000.

The Donkey and The Carrot of Taiji
    By David Chen, 2003

A Wuwei Fighter
    By David Chen, 2002

Tips for Friendly Taiji Exchanges
    By David Chen, 2003

A Grateful Note
    By David Chen, 2000

Comparative Life
    By 張忠謀
    Translated by David Chen, June 2005.