Words of Wisdom on Push-hands ---Part two
By David Chen, 2002.

  • Your attitude represents the level of your push-hands skill.

  • Look for the quality of push-hands, not the result.

  • The aim of push-hands should not be victory, but refining process.

  • Develop the mind and awareness for your neutralizing skill.
    Eliminate the intention and desire for your discharging skill.

  • Neutralizing and discharging are in the same circle of response.

  • It is our push-hands partners who help us learn, not our ego.

  • Higher-level Taiji players need no techniques, yet there are no techniques that will work on them.

  • It is difficult to have a fair assessment of oneís skills based upon our subjective understanding.

  • It takes a ten-pound force to push at the wrong angle, but it only needs a four-ounce push at the right spot.

  • Be able to be soft to the soft style partners. Be able to be soft to the hard style, too.

  • If you meet someone who is softer than you, you are suddenly become tense and stiff.P

  • You have to drain the muscular out of your body
    in order to grow pure internal power.

  • Beginners play push-hands from their arms.
    Juniors play push-hands from their waists.
    Senior students play push-hands from their root.

  • Donít initiate the push; opportunities lie within your response.

  • Donít rely on your hands; rather, rely on your body.
    Donít rely on your body; rather, rely on your mind.
    Donít rely on your mind; rather, rely on your opponentís mind.

  • The source of power comes from the mind, not from the body.

  • The hands are the sensors; the feet are the triggers.
    Everything in between is a giant coiled spring.

  • You are not limited to two hands; every part of your body can be an extra hand.

  • Instead of your hands, your awareness should always be covering your body.

  • Your mind should arrive at the target before your hands.

  • Being as full as a sandbag takes a lot of qi to withstand.
    Being as light as curtain takes wisdom to neutralize.

  • There are many "undefeated" champions nowadays.

  • If you think like a hammer, everyone else would be a nail to you.
    ----Ed Young.

  • You can be a one-time champion, or be a life-long neutralizer.