When Yin Meets Yang:
Illustrated Wisdom on Taijiquan and its Philosophy

by Joanne Chang
June, 2007

Yin\Yang has been puzzling and inspiring philosophers for centuries. In this volume, David Chen challenges his readers to think more deeply about the subject and how it apply to their martial arts practice and their daily lives. As a successful professional illustrator for over 20 years, David's work has appeared in many national publications.

In addition to being a successful commercial artist, David was an avid practitioner and teacher of Taijiquan. His passion for Taiji philosophy and practice was evident in all aspects of his life. A four-time gold medalist in national and international Taiji competition, he also wrote and translated many articles for Taiji magazines. In the year 2000, David founded the Wu Wei Taiji Studio in the Maryland, with four branches that continue to thrive and grow under the direction of his wife and partner, Joanne Chang.

Mr.Chen's love for taiji and art come together in this beautifully illustrated book. The color, creativity and humor in David's artwork make each page a joy to observe. The reader is invited to face the challenges of life without losing sight of creativity and an open heart. Unlike many taijiquan books, which are targeted toward a specific style or lineage, the inspiration in this book is compatible with all taiji styles and all levels. It does not dwell on technique or form; there are no confusing photos or obscure theories to ponder. Instead, the focus is on finding the wisdom hidden in all taiji practice.

When Yin Meets Yang is the kind of book you will want to reread many times, finding new insight with each reading. Whether it's stuffed into your backpack or on the bedside table, you will find this sturdy paperback a welcome companion. Purchase this book as a gift or for your own enjoyment, it will make a nice addition to any taiji library.

Sadly, David passed away prematurely after suffering complications following surgery. His engaging spirit, artistic talent, and deep love of Taijiquan live on in this wonderful little book. You can find more examples of David's artwork at www.DavidChenArt.com and his articles on Taijiquan at www.WuweiTaichi.com.

Please contact Joanne Chang at Joanne@wuweitaichi.com to purchase a copy of "When Yin Meets Yang" by David Chen. The cost is $18 per book, plus shipping and handling, volume discount available.

All proceeds from book sales go to the David Chen Memorial Fund for the construction of the David Chen Memorial Tai Chi Court in Cabin John Regional Park, Montgomery County, MD. For more information on the Tai Chi Court project, please visit www.WuweiTiachi.com/founder.htm.