My Father's House
by Sean Chen
April, 2006

To a place where loss inspires me, it's hard for me to go.
Now I must reach inside my heart, to let my father know.
I think about him every day, it hurts I miss him so.
The thought of his infectious smile can cause my tears to flow.

My lake fills up with memories that cause my heart to swell.
I burst with pride to call him Dad, and fill my wishing well.
If only for a few more days to share upon this earth,
All my things I'd gladly trade, for that would well be worth.

To walk along the shore with him, to look into his eyes,
To have him wipe away my tears, I'd cry a thousand cries.
I'd follow with a child's gait to match his graceful stride.
I will never grow to fill his shoes, my feet just aren't that wide.

I'd follow close behind his giant footprints in the sand,
Marching every step to match the leader of the band.
Leading by example, this gentle giant of a man,
Was always helping others, "Don't ask why. Because you can!"

His ability to love his friends and family, and pacify all our strife.
He was a Tai Chi Master, but moreso, a Master of his own life.
Lest we remember his acts of kindness to all of humankind.
A legacy to remain within our hearts, to give us piece of mind.

Arms so strong and powerful could easily crush your head.
But he chose the path of righteousness, and lifted them instead.
I learned respect and honor, to be faithful to my future wife.
But the greatest gift my father bestowed upon me, was love to last a life.

I learned to listen with my heart and not to raise my voice.
"Speak softly with conviction, son. You always have a choice.
Never raise your hand to harm the family that you love.
Embrace them with humility and peace from up above.

Learn the essence of Yin and Yang, let nature be master of all things.
With tender mercy in your beloved heart, your faith will give you wings."
The fondest memory that I have of him when I was just a child,
With my tiny hand engulfed by his, was the way my father smiled.

A smile so warm it filled the room and radiated glowing charm.
In his house you were protected and would never come to harm.
I can't forget the way he'd beam and flash his famous grin,
When I sang, "Tell me Daddy, what color is god's skin?"

All throughout my livelihood, every step along the way,
My dad was there, supporting me, every single day.
I'm grateful for his sacrifice. I'm so happy he was there.
I'd never be the man I am now, or have his love to share.

I can't forget his parting words the day my father died.
"You are my dream come true, son.." then crossed the other side.
Courageous man until the end, he never questioned fate.
He knew he had a date to keep outside the pearly gate.

He fought with all his champion's heart a foe he could not beat.
Answering, when duty called, he took his rightful seat.
If I could have another wish, a wish that's bittersweet,
To meet my father when I die, would be a perfect treat.

The greatest person, friend, and father I have ever known.
He's the reason I'm alive and well, lonely but not alone.
My heart has now been called home, grieving with insanity,
I know he will be watching over me.. for all eternity.