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The Tai Chi Events Bulletin

May 2018

Summer is here! Lots of Tai Chi events to enjoy.
May 19th 2018
Taiwan/USA Tai Chi Cultural Exchange 

The David Chen Foundation is pleased to announce a Tai Chi Cultural Exchange at the Tai Chi Court in Cabin John Park on May 19th from 10-6PM. The event will include a picnic and form demonstrations, discussion of Tai Chi theory and push hands practice. Best of all, we will be joined by a team of 36 teaches, coaches and top students visiting from Taiwan. The team is made up of leaders from different schools from all over Taiwan and includes several champions in Push-hands competition.  They will share Traditional Taiwan Training method and demonstrate 6 pushing hands drills.  This is a very rare opportunity to share, learn and contrast your understanding with top players from Taiwan. The event is free, don’t miss it!

At David C. Chen Memorial Tai Chi Court,
Cabin John Regional Park, 7400 Tuckerman Lane, Rockville, MD.

May 19th, 2018
10 AM to 6 PM

Please bring a dish or contribute $10 to the cost of food

The David Chen Foundation is committed to offering this type of event to help grow and improve the Tai Chi Community. This event is free to the public but it does involve a considerable cost to produce. Please help us serve the community with a tax deductible donation to:

The David Chen Foundation
P.O. Box 184
Garrett Park, MD

For more information contact Joanne Chang at


May 20th, 2018
Taiwan/ USA Tai Chi Cultural Exchange Workshop 

This event is a follow-up to our Saturday park event for those that want to go deeper into the Tai Chi training. We will have hands on training with instruction from several senior teachers from Taiwan along with practice with their top students. This is a rare opportunity to practice with many skilled players. This event will focus on two person drills and push-hands practice. No need to take off work and fly to Taiwan, just join us for the day.

Space for this event is limited, please reserve your spot early. Cost for the event is only $85 before 5/14/2018 with preregistration or $110 at the door, if space is available.

Garrett Park Elementary School
4810 Oxford Street
Kensington, MD 20895

May 20th 2018
9AM to 5PM (6 Hours trainings)

To Register,
Please contact Joanne at joanne@wuweitaichicom

May 26 & 27, 2018
Tai Chi Principles and Push-Hands Workshop with Coach Wu Rong-Huei from Taipei, Taiwan


Wu R.H. will be offering a Tai Chi workshop as a follow-up to the Taiwan/USA Exchange. Coach Wu holds a Masters degree in Physical Education with special emphasis on Tai Chi Chuan. He has won over 20 gold medals in international competition. He was also the reigning push-hands champion in Taiwan for over a ten years. In addition to running his own large school in Taiwan, Mr. Wu is the head of several Tai Chi organizations that represent many schools and teachers in Taiwan. He gives workshops in China, Europe and North and South America. 
This workshop will explore the importance of maintaining the Tai Chi principles in Push-hands and Sanshou practice.  Special training in Fajin power and how to use softness to overcome hardness. The training will include various two person drills, Master Soong’s 12 Stretching Exercises (designed to open and strengthen the joints), and proper form structure so one can have great strength while remaining relaxed as explained in the Tai Chi classics. Participants will also learn the famous loosening exercises created by Master Soong and Master Huang Sheng Shyan to promote the
development of internal energy.
Garrett Park Town Hall
10814 Kenilworth Ave
Garrett Park, MD 20896

Saturday, May 26, 2018
9:00 am to 12:00 pm 
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Sunday, May 27, 2018
9:00 am to 12:00 pm 
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
One day, 6 hour workshop --  $160
Two days, 12 hour workshop --  $270
Individual 3-hour segments may be purchased for $90 each.
Space is limited and Pre-registration is required.   
For registration, private lessons, directions, and more information,
please contact Joanne at 
Tai Chi Events Calendar

MAY 2018
May 5, 2018
The Seventh Tai Chi Festival & Sixth Tai Chi Forum

The Taiji (Tai Chi) Friends Club of Greater Washington is proud to announce that we will be organizing the Seventh Tai Chi Festival & Sixth Tai Chi Forum in 2018, which are scheduled for May 5 and May 12, respectively.  You are cordially invited to participate in both events.  The Festival will highlight a variety of hand and weapon forms of all Tai Chi styles to be demonstrated by individuals or by groups.  The Forum will feature renowned Tai Chi grandmasters, and provide a mutual learning platform for all participants.  Both events have become the most important annual gathering for Tai Chi practitioners in the Greater Washington D.C. area and Eastern U. S.
Date and Location:
The Festival:
When:                May 5, 2018, 1 pm to 5 pm.
Where:               The open common in front of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. at 701 E Basin Dr. SW.
The Forum:
When:                May 12, 2018, 1 pm to 5 pm (tentatively).
Where:               The meeting hall in AIG Building, 6700-A Rockledge Drive, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20817.
Please send an e-mail ASAP to with regard to your interest in joining the festival and/or forum via one or more specific Tai Chi demonstrations  and/or a forum presentation topic.  Please respond no later than Apri 15.  If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the following persons:
Festival point of contact: Mr. Steve Hu, 443-896-8252;
Ms. Dong Qing, 571-215-7400.
Forum point of contact: Mr. Lian Wu, 301-538-3398;
Ms. Ai-Guo Li, 240-731-1625.
Transportation (festival Only):
Take the Metro Rail blue or orange line to the station of Smithsonian at 12th Street and Independence Avenue, SW, and then walk 10-15 minutes to the Jefferson Memorial.  For driving, parking is available on West Basin Drive, on Ohio Drive SW, and at the Tidal Basin parking lot along Maine Ave., SW.  Handicap parking is available on Home Front Drive SW, accessed from southbound 17th St.

May 24 - 28, 2018
The First Tai Chi Chuan East Coast Camp With Lenzie Williams
Tai Chi Form training with internal principles, standing meditation, and push-hands.
at Bishop Claggett Retreat Center, Adamstown, Maryland
(For more information about the facilities, go to )
$990.00 for Single Occupancy
$929.00 for Double Occupancy
To register please contact the Kennedys at or 301.573.6593,


May 19,2018
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Taii Chi Workshop & Asian Music at Rockville Memorial Library to celebrate 

A free Tai Chi Demonstration, Workshop and Asian Music program will be held at the Rockville memorial Library on Saturday, May 19, from 2 to 3 p.m. to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The library is located at 21 Maryland Ave. in the Rockville Town Square. 

Master Chung-jen Chang has taught Tai Chi for more than 30 years. Master Chang consulted on the highly acclaimed movie “Pushing Hands,” by Oscar winning director Ang Lee. Chang has won the Grand Championship at national Tai Chi tournaments,judged at Tai Chi contests and presented workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

Master Chung-jen Chang will demonstrate the unique Chen Style Small Form and Tai Chi sword. He will also introduce Taichi- Dowing and Tai Chi flexibility training and stretching exercises.

Alice Chang, MSE of Mechanical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania, has performed piano for 15 years. She has received honors at piano competitions throughout Maryland. She will perform Asian piano pieces from the popular animated films Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, and Full Metal Alchemist.

Please join us for this Remarkable Demonstration, Tai Chi Workshop and Musical Performance.

To request sign language interpretation or other deaf/hard of hearing services for library sponsored programs, email, preferably with three business days’ notice. 

To request other accommodations or receive more information, contact the Rockville Memorial Library Information Desk at 240-777-0140.

JUNE 2018

June 10 through August 26
Julian Chu’s 2018 Summer Tai Chi Practice

Activities:  Practices of CMC form, Yang style weapons (sword, sable, staff), and push hands.  All welcome and free of charge.

Location:  Tai Chi Court at Cabin John Regional Park, 7400 Tuckerman Lane, Rockville, MD

Schedule:  Every Sunday morning, 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., June 10 through August 26Parking at Cabin John Regional Park: There are two large parking lots, one near the Tuckerman Lane entrance that is right by the playground, and the other near the Westlake Drive entrance that is by the train rides and picnic pavilions.

June 9-10, 2018
Wu Style Taijiquan Seminar with Master Zhang Yun
Silver Spring, MD
12th Annual Maryland Summer Yin Cheng Gong Fa Seminar:
Wu Style Taijiquan with Master Zhang Yun. June 9-10, 2018,
Capital Aikikai Dojo,923 Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland
Seminars based on the Taijiquan Classics.
Master Zhang is a student of the late GM Wang Peisheng of Beijing. In this
seminar, Master Zhang will continue to teach and correct in detail the Wu
Style Taijiquan 37-posture empty-hand form and applications, examine taiji
push hands skills and fighting aspects, and introduce the Wu Style
83-Posture form (movements #1-27).
Saturday, June 9, 1:00pm-4:00pm
Form: 37-Posture Wu Style Form
Details on Xu/Shi relationships for selected form postures with martial
applications Xu and Shi refer to the attributes of being Insubstantial and Substantial
Saturday, June 9, 5:00pm-8:00pm
Push Hands: Development of Zhan-Nian-Lian-Sui and Shen and Yi for martial
applications Examples of Xu/Shi relationships for borrowing force and directing force Zhan-Nian-Lian-Sui refer to attributes of Sticking, Adhering, Connecting,and Following Shen [expressing spirit] and Yi [listening mind] refer to where you 'project eyesight' and where you 'listen internally'
Xu and Shi refer (as above) to the attributes of being Insubstantial and
Sunday, June 10, 9:00am-12:00noon
Form: 83-Posture Wu Style Form
Covering postures #1-27 with emphasis on transitions not present in the
standard 37-posture form and with martial applications
Sunday, June 10, 1:00pm-4:00pm
Taiji Fighting Principles: Development of Ting-Yin-Hua-Na-Fa and
Fu-Gai-Dui-Tun Ting-Yin-Hua-Na-Fa refer to Listening, Luring, Dissolving, Seizing, and Discharging in martial applications
Fu-Gai-Dui-Tun refer to Covering, Blanketing, Interception, Swallowing and
represent timing for defense & applications
All 4 sessions: $280
Any 3 sessions: $225
Any 2 sessions: $160
Any 1 session: $85
To have pre-registration forms e-mailed to you, please contact:
Paul Cote:
If you plan to attend, please let us know soon and request the registration
forms starting after April 21, 2018.
Please pre-register with signed forms as soon as you can, and pre-pay your
tuition for your sessions postmarked by May 25, 2018.
Please make all tuition checks payable to Zhang Yun.
If you find at the seminar that you would like to take additional sessions,
you can add to your payment on the prorated basis above.
Please mail registration forms and tuition checks to: ATS, Inc., c/o Paul
Cote, PO Box 475, New Market, Md. 21774.
Please understand that footwear is not permitted on the dojo mat area (plan
to train in bare feet or socks only).
Important Note on Travel and Hotel Reservations: Every effort is being made
to hold this seminar as planned, and to provide participants with as much
advance notice as possible so they can arrange their travel schedules and
hotel reservations accordingly. You should pre-register for the seminar as
soon as you can, and send in your tuition, which can be refunded in the case
of seminar cancellation or in the case of your situation. You can elect to
book your travel and hotel room reservations at any time through your
airline and the hotel reservation desk. However, in all cases, whenever you
seek such reservations, please be sure to check the travel and hotel
reservation cancellation policies. Please be cautious of promotional
websites that offer special low travel and room rates well in advance, but
without the possibility for cancellation. The organizer and instructor for
this event will not be held responsible for any travel or hotel expenses
that you might incur in the event that the YCGF seminar needs to be
cancelled. Please conduct your own web search for the above hotels in the
Silver Spring area, and again, you are cautioned to confirm your travel and
the hotel reservation cancellation policy BEFORE you book your travel and

June 10-15, 2018
20th Annual Tai Chi Chuan Summer Camp with Lenzie Williams

Lenzie’s 20th Annual Tai Chi Chuan Summer Camp will take place from Sunday afternoon June 10th through Friday June 15, 2018, ending at 1pm.
The workshop site is a beautiful, quiet conference and retreat center in the coastal hills of Marin County (about an hour north of San Francisco).
Registration will begin in late January or early February 2018. Please Lenzie Williams for information

Saturday, June 23. 2018
The Greater Washington Area Summer Sensing-Hands Get-Together

At David C. Chen Memorial Tai Chi Court in Cabin John Regional Park.

Saturday, June 23 from 2 to 6 PM
7400 Tuckerman Lane, Rockville, MD.

No Charge
Rain or Shine

Contact Joanne Chang

JULY 2018

July 14, 2018
Annual Robert W. Smith Memorial Gathering

We invite everyone to attend the Annual Robert W. Smith Memorial Tai Chi - Neijia Play Day Reunion,  Knock-Knock Joke Festival and Poetry Recital 
on Saturday, July 14, 2018, 8 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.,
at McLean Central Park, McLean, Virginia, (rain or shine)
(outdoor basketball court, behind the Dolley Madison Public Library.)
Directions can be found at
Please bring old pictures, mementoes, etc. 
And also bring your best knock-knock jokes, favorite Smithisms, etc.
This year we will enjoy the One Legged Tiger Challenge and the Cup and Saucer Dragon Spiral.
Everyone is welcome to join for all or part of the tai chi / pakua / hsingi / qigong playing. 
There will be informal workshops by direct RWS students, plus madeleines and general hilarity.
This gathering will be followed, of course, by the traditional trip to a nearby bagel / coffee shop.
We will gather annually on the second Saturday in July for the RWS Memorial Festival.
For additional information:
Warren, 703-759-9141;

July 19-22, 2018
Taiji and push hands workshop with Sifu Adam Mizner.
Bethesda, MD

Taiji and push hands workshop with Sifu Adam Mizner.

Sifu Mizner has gained international recognition for his profound expertise and system of training in Yang style Taijiquan. The workshop will emphasize core foundational principles and practical push hands drills and skills that will be of benefit to all levels, beginner to the most advanced practitioners. There will also be the opportunity for additional evening meditation led by one of Sifu’s senior disciples, Andy Mack. Cost is $500 for the four days; $300 for two days.  

River Road Unitarian Church, 6301 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20817
July 19-22 Workshop will run from 9:30-4:30 Thursday through Saturday (with 90 min break for lunch) and 1:00-5:00 on Sunday.

Contact: Charles Hoge at for more information.
Website for Sifu Mizner is:
For a demonstration of Sifu’s skills, see the following link or other links on

July 14-15
Master Jou, Tsung Hwa  Birthday Celebration & Tai Chi Festival
The Festival will be held(as always) on the beautiful grounds of The Master Jou, Tsung Hwa Tai Chi Memorial Park in scenic Wantage Township, NJ (818 Rt.23, Wantage, NJ 07461). Please note: Prices will be the same as last year(and the same as at Master Jou's original Zhang San Feng Festival) but Early(discounted) Registration will close on June 13th. 
Again, Master Jou's great friend, Dr. John Painter( will be presenting at our Festival(for the 2ndtime) on both Saturday & Sunday. For the 1st time, Dr. Painter will also be presenting a half-day pre-Festival workshop on Friday, July 13th from 1-5 in the afternoon. Bob & Jean Klein will present the morning pre-Festival workshop, once again
We are looking forward to your joining members of Master Jou's biological and Tai Chi families for another wonderful "Family Reunion" weekend!

July 27-29, 2018
2018 U.S International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament 
Hunt Valley, Maryland  

For more information:

August 6-11, 2018
Kim Kanzelberger
15th Annual Tai Chi Chuan Summer Camp

Shadowcliff Mountain Sanctuary
Grand Lake, Colorado

On the western slope, Grand Lake is the headwaters to the Colorado River and situated next to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Classes will include review and refinement of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing's 37-posture form, push hands, and a condensed review of sword for those who have learned it previously.
View Details

Center States Tai Chi Chuan
Kim William Kanzelberger, Director
Phone: 816.531.0065 


Sept 7,8, and 9, 2018
Symposium for Integrative Health Tai Chi Retreat

Three days of health seminars, research presentations, martial arts workshops, spiritual retreat activities.
held at Maris Stella Retreat Center, Harvey Cedars, Long Beach Island, NJ
Doing Qigong on the beach in the morning and by the Bay in the evening, with days full of Integrative Health workshops, presentations, fun and fellowship in between.
It is hosted by ASKLEPIOS, a health research group, and Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization
More Information

Tai Chi News
New Tai Chi Court to be built in Redding, California

Great News!
Redding Tai Chi has been approved by USA TODAY Network to compete in the 2018 "A Community Thrives" (ACT) grant competition. This year, instead of votes, we need donations to show support for the project and qualify for the grants which will help us build the Tai Chi Meditation Garden. Fundraising will start on Monday, March 19th at 11:59am ET (8:59am California time) and ends Friday, May 11th, 2018 at 11:59am.
If everyone gave as little as $10.00 it would make a huge difference in our standing to be considered for the grant. Please be a part of this project by donating on the CrowdRise site. Your donation will go to the Shasta County Arts Council (SCAC) who is our fiscal sponsor*. Click on the following link to access our CrowdRise fundraising page:

Maggie Newman's Tai Chi Videos
Maggie’s videos - Archive l and Archive II - are now available for purchase on Amazon as DVD’s - (links below). If the links do not work correctly, you can find the videos under  by searching under Maggie Newman T’ai Chi.
Archive I: Following the Ch’i
Archive II: Nourishing the Spirit

Enduring Legacy"  Master Benjamin Lo Sword DVD
Master Ben Lo's sword DVD that includes the following features:  early film (circa 1974) of Ben Lo performing the 37 posture T’ai-chi form,
film of Ben Lo performing the sword form, individual still photos of Mr. Lo doing the sword form postures,
film of Professor Cheng doing the sword form, individual still photos of Professor doing the sword form postures (taken in Taiwan by Ben Lo),
stop-action of the sword form, an interview with Ben Lo, and an auto-biographical essay composed by Mr. Lo. 
To order the DVD please contact Martin Inn <>

The Taijiquan Classics  
The Essential Translation & Explanation with Commentary on History and Culture

By Zhang Yun, David Ho, Peter Capell & Susan Darley
Published by Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association North American Headquarters
Order info. or
This comprehensive volume translates the Taiji Classics passed down through the Chen, Yang and Wu Families. The authors spend 15 years compiling, and editing this work down to a single volume of nearly 800 pages! For non-Mandarin speakers, this book is the first complete compilation of the Classics in English, including clear and precise explanations of the essential concepts of Taijiquan. The Classics provide deep insight into Chinese culture generally, with descriptions of the teachings of Daoism that have guided a people over millennia. If you agree that reading the classics is an important part of your Tai Chi Training, this is book should be part of your library.
 On-Going Free Events

Saturday Mornings Tai Chi Open Practice
At David C. Chen Memorial Tai Chi Court
Cabin John Regional Park 

7400 Tuckerman Lane, Bethesda, MD.
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Open practice on solo form, Sensing-hands, and Tai Chi sword.
Tai Chi students are all encouraged to attend.
We meet all year round; rain or shine; hot or cold.

Thursday evenings from 7:30 -9:30 PM
Open community Tai Chi Pushing Hands

Starting November, 2014 Wu Shen Tao Health & Martial Arts Center free Tuesdayevening push hands practice has moved to Thursday evening and new location is at
Roda Movement Center.
When:             Each Thursday evening from 7:30 – 9:30 PM
Where:            Roda Movement Center 7014 Westmoreland Avenue (just off Carroll Avenue) Takoma Park, MD
Cost:               Free and open to all
Contact info:   site host - Ted Curtis,  web site-
Sponsor:         Wu Shen Tao Health & Martial Arts Center, Paul Ramos- Chief Instructor
Info #:             301-651/3617
Info email:
Visit for a relaxed, informative, non-aggressive environment where we practice together so that we may all advance our abilities, make new friends, and focus on developing high levels of skill. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Every Sunday 8am to 10 am 
Free Pa-kua and H'sing-i practices
Bethesda, MD

Free Pa-kua (Bagua) and h'sing-i (Xing-yi) practices, led by former students of Robert Smith, every Sunday from 8am to 10am all year at Fleming Park in Bethesda (on Lone Oak Drive, off Old Georgetown Road just north of the Beltway).  
For more info email Kirk at

Free T'ai Chi Class 
Yang Style, Cheng Man-ch’ing’s short form

Philadelphia, PA

Classes in T’ai Chi Ch’uan will be held at Burholme Park on Sunday mornings.  The class is FREE.  Pre-registration is required.  Interested participants must sign up before attending classes.  Limited 20 students. For more information you can go on the web at or contact William Bengochea at

Free T'ai Chi Classes
Yang Style, Cheng Man-ch'ing's 37 postures form
Philadelphia, PA


Mt Airy Tai Chi
Saturdays 10:30-noon & Sundays 8-9 AM

Winter Venue: 6700 Germantown Ave, Lower Level
Warm months: Ned Wolf Park, McCallum and Ellet Sts.
Tuesday evenings 5:30 to 6:30pm, William Way Community Center, 1315 Spruce St.
Information and questions: 

 T’ai Chi Classes
Yang Style, Cheng Man-ch’ing’s short form 
Free and open to the public

Trinity United Methodist Church
2100 Westchester Ave
Catonsville, MD 21228
7-8 p.m.: Form corrections class
8-9 p.m.: New beginners class opening Monday, September 10
For information and registration
call Chris  410-203-9537


Free T'ai Chi Beginners' Practice
Every Saturday morning in McLean, Virginia.

All are welcome.
(You do not have to be enrolled in our regular classes to attend.)
We will mostly be doing the beginners' set
of Prof. Cheng Man-ch'ing's Yang style short form.
For details and directions, please visit
or call 703-759-9141.
Sponsored by the T'ai Chi Study Center.

Free Cheng Man-ch'ing Yang style t'ai chi 
with David Walls-Kaufman

Saturday morning
8 - 9  Form class and practice
9 - 10 Push hands practice,
Lincoln Park, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., 11th and East Capitol St., SE, 20003.
Info: 202.544.6035.


Opportunity to study tai chi and qi gong in Carroll County, MD.

Where: Cedarhurst Unitarian Universalist, Club House Rd., Finksburg, MD
When: Monday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (or a little later sometimes)
How much: $5 per class on a drop-in basis ($4 tax-deductible contribution to CUU; $1 for our class fund used to defray cost of occasional special classes with guest teachers, such as Frances Gander).
For more information please contact Maureen Harvey via e-mail ( or phone (410-795-3117).
Push Hands Meetup in Costa Mesa, CA
4th Sunday of every month

The Orange County Push Hands Practice Group is an informal meeting open to all t'ai chi enthusiasts, of any style or experience level, interested in friendly push hands play. It is not a class, it is for friendly t'ai chi push hands practice and collaborative sharing of ideas only.  The Meetup is free and generally lasts for 3 or 4 hours.
Where: Pinkley Park, 360 E. Ogle Street, Costa Mesa, CA
When: Sunday, 2:00 PM
For more information go to  You can sign up there and receive e-mail reminders.  Alternate location in the rare event of inclement weather will be announced via alerts or you can contact Lee Scheele 949.697.1137


Pushing Hands gathering in Santa Fe, NM
Weekly open practice for beginner to advanced students of tai chi chuan and instructors.  An informal gathering where folks can learn and play push hands; the 2 person martial art application of Tai Chi Chuan, with a variety of partners in the Santa Fe area.  A great forum for learning and refining skills. All levels and all forms welcome! Instructors welcome! 

Where: Tai Chi Chuan Institute,1808 2nd Street. Santa Fe, New
When: Mondays @ 1:30 pm 

Suggested Donation: $5. / per person (to pay for space, utlilites, etc.) 
For more information: Contact Jill Basso @  or 505-986-6114

Open Push Hands Meet up Sacramento, CA
Sundays 9-11am

McKinley Park (Downtown Sacramento)
Near the Tennis Courts
601 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento, CA
Purpose of the group is to bring together push hands players and martial artists in the area to compare knowledge. First 10 minutes will be led by a different guest instructor. Afterwards, free play of push hands is encouraged!
Contact Daniel Pfister at

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