Tai Chi Court Design and Progress

The Court Design (by Hsien-Yuan Chen):

  • Drawing T-1, is the title sheet which includes site vicinity plan and a 3D rendered view of the proposed court. The rendering depicts the proposed material and design concept within the surrounding context.
  • Drawing A-1, "SITE PLAN LOCATION PLAN AND NOTES", includes the proposed court location within the limit of Cabin John Regional Park. The drawing also includes miscellaneous construction notes necessary to convey the design intent, construction specification and requirements from the Park Service.
  • Drawing A-2, "SITE PLAN", is the 1/8 scale detail site plan providing construction dimensions to located and layout the proposed court. This plan also documents the surrounding trees and vegetation needing protection during construction.
  • Drawing A-3, "ENLARGED PLAN AN D DETAILS", is the 1/4 scale enlarged plan and enlarged details showing the proposed material layout and details necessary to complete the construction of the proposed court.

The Court Progress:

Tai Chi Court Construction progress Tai Chi Court Construction progress Tai Chi Court Construction progress Tai Chi Court Construction progress

  • Jun/2007 - Wu Wei Tai Chi Club presents the concept of the "David C. Chen Memorial Tai Chi Court at Cabin John Regional Park" to Montgomery County Parks Departments (M_NCPPC).
  • Oct/2007 - Tai Chi Court Project earns support from M-NCPPC. The Tai Chi Court Committee and M-NCPPC establish a public-private partnership and begin to work together to advance the project.
  • Nov/2007 - May/2009 - M-NCPPC staffs met with members of the Tai Chi Court Committee to make improvements to the project plans, develop a fund raising strategy, finalize a suitable site, obtain community support through public hearing, obtain many layers of approval from M-NCPPC and prepare for hearing with the Planning Board.
  • May/2009 - The M-NCPPC Planning Board (a regulatory arm of M-NCPPC for all development in Montgomery County) unanimously approves the Tai Chi Court Project. http://www.montgomeryplanningboard.org/agenda/2009/agenda20090528e.html
  • Apr/2010 - Project gets a major endorsement from state legislators with a Maryland State Bond Bill for $40,000 to match private funds for the Tai Chi Court Project. The bill was sponsored by Senator Rob Garagiola. http://mlis.state.md.us/2010rs/fnotes/bil_0002/sb0012B.pdf
  • May/2011 - Project organizers win Community Service Award from the prestigious Rho Psi Foundation with a generous award of $5,000 toward the project and honoring the project for promoting and propagating Chinese Culture in our community.
  • Jun/2011 - Montgomery Parks awards a contract to Highway & Safety Services, Inc., for the construction of the Tai Chi Court.
  • Jun/2011 - Official groundbreaking ceremony for the new Tai Chi Court at Cabin John Regional Park is held.
  • Jul/2011 - Construction of the Tai Chi Court begins with projected completion date of July 28, 2011.
  • Sep/2011 - Official Opening ceremony for the Cabin John Tai Chi Court - David C. Chen Memorial.
    Many notable speakers from the State of Maryland, Montgomery County councils, and Montgomery County Park along with outstanding performances by martial artists from schools all over the States. Many of the major Martial Arts styles were represented, including; Cheng Man Ching, Yang, Chen, Wu, Sun, Wudang, Bagua and Hsing-i styles.
  • Present - We meet year round, every Saturday morning from 10am to 12pm.
    Tai Chi Students from all styles are welcomed to come share and practice the art of Tai Chi Chuan.
Please come join us at Cabin John Regional Park Tai Chi Court every Saturday morning. If there is any question please email Joanne@wuweitaichi.com.